A breakpoint can be set by right clicking anywhere in the program window.

The pop-up menu has an option which can be clicked to add or clear the breakpoint. Please note that a breakpoint condition can be added in the Edit Window to only break at the red line on a certain condition such as when a variable is above a certain level such as i>=17.

If a BreakPoint is added, the breakpoint line will be shown in red. This is commonly used with the AutoStep or F9 command. The breakpoint can also be saved inside a comment using Hidden Code

the syntax

// breakpoint(20)

will set a breakpoint on line 20. If a breakpoint is set on a new line, the previous breakpoint will be cleared. To turn off a breakpoint, select the same line and select Breakpoint.

Left click on a set Breakpoint to find out which number it is. Right click to clear it.