The EEPROM window allows for viewing and modifying of the EEPROM memory.

The EEPROM Window also has the added function of being able to view a full hex file contents, the ability to view the contents in different formats (eg Decimal, Hex or Char) and being able to change and save the file. there are many hexfile editors available on the internet and this feature is just a small part of the Simulator

Right click to bring up the popup menu which has several options:

  • Clear EEPROM - set all EEPROM memory to FF
  • Set All to 0 -  all EEPROM memory to 00
  • Decimal - display Variables value in decimal
  • Hex  - display Variables value in hexadecimal
  • Char - display Variables value in Character format and hexadecimal
  • Save to Hex File - save the EEPROM memory to a hex file
  • Load from Hex File - load the EEPROM memory from a hex file