The Free Version is identical to the Pro Version, apart from the addition of a timer delay window and a Code Limit of 200 lines. The Free version is supplied as a demo version to allow users to trial the Simulator for Arduino program. The logic and operation of the Simulator for Arduino program is identical apart from the limitations. The Pro Version License comes with the latest Simulator version and Upgrades until the end of the Calendar year, and has been purchased by over 7000 users and many  educational institutions. The Free version users may receve more emails.

Click the Get Unlock key to receive a free 30 day trial with no timer but with the 200 line limit and 100 sketches. After Unlocking, the Simulator will appear with the time and sketch loads left on the Status bar as shown here. After 30 days the timer will be reset to 30 seconds for each new sketch loaded or edited.

Enter a valid email address to receive emails about updates, or click the noemails checkbutton otehrwise.