Getting Started.

Download the zip file, extract the setup.exe file. When finished, run this program to install the Simulator for Arduino program and click yes to accept the EULA (End User Licence Agreement). For the Free Version, there is a 30 minute trial period then an unlock process. To Unlock the Simulator, enter the email address, the serial number will be auotmatically read fromthe computer, and then click on the Get Unlock Key button. Copy the Unlock Key back to the Simulator and clicking Unlock. Please email us if there are any issues with this process.

Afetr purchasing a Pro Version Licence, an email wil be sent with instructions on how to download the separate Pro Version. This is done by a third party partner and the email should be sent out soon. If the email is not received within a reasonable time, please check in Junk or SPAM mail. Otherwise, email us at and we will try to reply as soon as possible with download and installation instructions.