The Help Menu items are :

  • About - Show the Program version
  • Show Help F1 - show this help - Note: this can also be activated by pressing F1
  • Buy a real Arduino - open the Buy Arduino page
  • Buy a Shield for Arduino - open the Shields for Arduino page
  • Training Videos - watch all the Youtube videos related to the Simulator and Shields
  • Arduino Reference - display the Arduino language reference page
  • Arduino Uno - display the Arduino Uno Page
  • Arduino Due - display the Arduino Due Page
  • Unlock Key - view the Unlock Key and licence info - please note the Pro Version now requires an Unlock

The Help | About screen shows the current software version.

The F (for Free version) after the version number indicates the Simulator is identical to the Pro Version but . The Free version has been provided as demo version to allow the Simulator for Arduino program to be evaluated prior to purchase. It is anticipated that after a month of use, it will be more economically viable to purchase the Pro Version than continue to run the Free Version.

Limitiations of the Free version are:

  • a Code limit of 150 lines which will be displayed on the Delay Timer screen
  • an incrementing delay timer (from 30 seconds) window any time a new sketch is loaded or edited
  • A trial period of 30 days or 10 sketches with no timer after an unlock process
  • An initial trial period of 30 minutes (no unlock required)