Hiiden code is code which is hidden inside comments. In this way, the Arduino IDE will skip these comments, but the Simulator will pick up the commands and perform special actions such as setting the Serial input data with a special character string. Hidden code may be used to setup a particular hardware configuration.

This hidden code can be one of these formats:

  • // Simulate(Uno) - Simulate the particular Arduino board - please note that Simulate(Uno_LCD.txt) will also work if the text file is found
  • // breakpoint(line,tab, condition) - will setup a breakpoint at the line on the correct Tab, (leftmost=1) with the condition. If the condition is left blank, it will not be set
  • // SimulateLCD(x,y,width,height,pixel width,pixel space, backlight color, on color, off color) will setup a LCD area on the Arduino picture. The colors are 24bit in a BGR format where 255=Red.The pixel width should be no more than 5)
  • // SimulateLED(x,y,width,height,color ) where color os the color of LED segments for a 7 segment display
  • // SerialIn(data) will load the Serial Port input data with the data inside the parentheses
  • // Stimulus(stim.sti) will load a Stimulus file. Stimulus actions are shown in the statusbar after the Next line data and will happen at set times. View the _Sim Test\v98g\test.sti file for a sample. See here for more info.