The Logic Analyzer can show the pin states in a graphical format using the trace data.

The menu allows pins to be turned on and off, and scrolling the mouse wheel can expand or shrink the time scale.


  • All Pin On - turn on all 53 pins
  • All Pins Off - turn off all 53 pins
  • Pins 0-13 On - turn on the Arduino digital pins only
  • Pins 0-19 On - turn on the Arduino digital and Analog pins (analog pins 0-5 map to pins 14-19)

  • Auto Scale Y - allow the waveform to use the vertical space
  • Load - load an old trace file
  • Enable Green line - displays a green line inteh sketch window corresponding to where the prorgam was at that stage

  • Debug - turn on a whole stack of debug data (may be removed at a later date)

TimeBase - turn on vertical lines for the selectd timebase