The Option items are:

  • Library Code - open and display the actual code for a library such as <SPI.H> - note the Library director should be setup to point to the right directory first - see here for more info.
  • Standard Include - open and display the actual code for header files such as <stdint.h> and <inttypes.h>
  • avr.file.h - open and display the actual code for any avr/file.h files.
  • No Include Files - stop those annoying open file dialogs - may not allow classes to be used.
  • Board Lights - Uncheck to be able to run graphic colour screen sketches without the board leds activating
  • Variable Insight  - Uncheck to turn off the sketch window hover function to see variable value during stepping
  • Show Arduino - Uncheck to hide the Arduino picture
  • Show Variables -  Uncheck to hide the Variables area
  • Autosize Variable Area - automatically resize the variable area when reset or a new sketch is loaded

Please note that having any of the options turned on such as the include and library code options can cause many errors since these files use high level C++ syntax structures so these options should be used with care.

On the positive side, these libraries allows for library code to be easily inspected. This can be very useful when adding a colour display from an online store such as Adafruit and then being able to open the Adafruit_GFX and Adafruit_SSD1206 library to see how the SPI port drives the colour display.