There Menu Tools are:

  • ASCII Table - view the full ASCII table with character, hex and binary representations. Useful to most programmers and now viewable with large Text.
  • Barcode Maker - the ability to set and print various barcodes - useful for the Virtronics Barcode Scanner Shield
  • Calculator - a simple programming calculator for adding and multiplying hex numbers
  • Connectors - view some common electrical connectors such as the serial D9 connector, USB typeA, USB mini and DC jack
  • Logic Analyzer - view digital pins 0-13 graphically using the trace - automatically activates the File|Trace option
  • Serial Logger - show Serial data graphically from the real World or from the Simulator
  • Serial Monitor - an improved Serial monitor with a classic Bluegiga toolbar
  • Automated Testing - the ability to automatically test series of sketched or commands. Very useful.

In all these Tools (except Automated Testing), the keyboard commands such as F7 to single step and F8 to step one line at a time will work.