The Program window area shows the program listing, and the cursor will always be in the vertical center of the screen. The Program Window allows for the program to be stepped through. When selected, the following keys may used to run the program:

  • F2 may be used to force a  reset
  • F3 may be used to open the Find window to search for text
  • F6 may be used to edit the sketch
  • F7 key may be used to step through the program and
  • F8 can be used to step over subroutines while still executing all the code inside the subroutine.
  • Shift F8 may be used to step out of a routine
  • F9 may be used to run the program
  • See the Shortcut Toolbar for more info on the step and run icons

A new line may be selected by right clicking anywhere in the Program or Sketch window and selecting Set Next Statement.

The Statusbar shows the Line number, Last Line number and the next code to be executed. If the AutoStep time is set to less than 2ms, the Status-Bar will not update until Run or AutoStep is stopped.

Special Simulator hidden code may be used to setup a particular hardware configuration, and this allows the setup configuration to be saved inside the comments of the sketch. See Hidden code for more detail.