The Serial Monitor is provided to be able to view real Serial Data.

The Serial Data will be transmitted from the Simulator out the designated Serial Port.

The Options are:

  • Sim Output data Echo - allows for data transmitted using the Serial.write or Serial.print commands to be Echo in the transmit box
  • Sim Real Serial Input - great feature to allow incoming serial data to be ported to the Serial Indata in the Input/Output window
  • Hex Write - send outgoing data as two hex characters followed by a space
  • Hex Read - display incoming data in Hex format
  • Unreadable - show unreadable characters as their character representation otherwise display as <hh> where hh is the hex code
  • BlueGiga Toolbar - for those using classic Bluegiga device such as the ones from ESDN

In the COM Menu item, select AutoDetect to view only the available Com ports.