The Shortcut Toolbar provides single click actions for commonly used operations. Right Click on this toolbar to show the Language popup menu which allows easy switching between English, French, and Italian( and other languages when requested).

Button Functions:

  • Load  - loads a sketch from the last used folder into the Simulator
  • Edit - Edit a sketch

  • Left up arrow - F2 Reset
  • Left Down Arrow - Shift F8 Step out of subroutines excluding setup and loop
  • Down Arrow - F8 Step Over - single step jumping over any subroutines
  • Right Down Arrow - F7 Single Step and Step into any subroutines

  • Millis - the run time in milliseconds (NOTE: ms not seconds). This value can be changed at any time. Each program step takes around 1us

  • Run  - F9 AutoStep the program one instruction every xx ms The ms value can be edited. This time is the delay between line execution and is not the actual speed of the program since each line may take 1-100ms to execute. If the AutoStep time period is set to 1ms, the variables, blue program traceline and statusbar will not update to increase speed.
  • Abort - abort if the program is stuck in any loop

  • Simulation - show or close the Simulation input/output window
  • Step Into (F7) - this button allows for the program to be single stepped

  • SubRoutines - contains a list of subroutines and shopws the current subroutine- select a subroutine from the list to jump and highlight in colour that subroutine first line without affecting the program counter

The Milli seconds variable is displayed in a text box. This value can be adjusted by typing in a new value. Each line of program execution takes 1us or 0.001. The commands Delay and delayMicroseconds will add the accurate number of milliseconds or microseconds to the Millis Text box.