Automated testing is an extensive page setup to automatically test sketches against set outputs. This helps with testing the Simulator, and while it takes a lot longer to setup a test script, in the long term, this will save much time.

At the bottom are 4 buttons labelled T1 to T4 and new. These are for routine tests which are all text files found in the _Sim_Test folder:

  • T1 is for the Examples from 1.Basic up to and including ArduinoISP
  • T2 is for the rest of the Official Arduino examples using the standard libraries such as SPI, Wire and Ethernet
  • T3 is for bug fixes and known previous issues
  • T4 is for a Simulator-oriented test script test each function as it is listed inside the Simulator source code
  • New shows the latest test scripts added

Each line in a script file conforms to the following basic syntax:

test(function or variable, expected integer result expected float result, expected string result)

NA means not applicable or No test

Extra single letter functions are:

  • + for single step
  • @for read data from Input/Output port using the integer result as the line number (SoftSerial,Serial,SPI,EthernetClient,EthernetServer,Ethernet, Wire,LCD, KeyBoard,File & Udp)
  • ! load a file
  • ~digPin - read a digital pin state with the pin set by the integer result and check the colour is the same as the expect float result read as an integer

The analog(x,val,NA,NA) can only be used once at the start of the script



// ***** 0 BASIC *****

test(!01.Basics\AnalogReadSerial.ino,NA,NA,NA) //  1.1 AnalogReadSerial



test(!01.Basics\Blink.ino,NA,NA,NA) // // 1.2 Blink.ino



test(+millis() ,1000,NA,NA)


test(+millis() ,2000,NA,NA)