The Unlock process was originally added to stop pirates from cracking the Simulator. It allows a list of user's email addresses to be gathered and then an email is sent out to this mailing list for each update which usually happens at the end of each quarter. If an email update is not required, click the noemails button or enter a random email.

With the Unlock, the email address and serial number are required. If the serial number is empty, please restart the Simulator. The serial number is read from the computer hard drive and should be automatically read by the Simulator on startup. Another option is to select Help > Unlock key. When these fields are filled, click the Get Unlock button. A webpage will then open with the Unlock key - this may take a few seconds for the web browser to open and load the webpage. Copy and paste this back into the Simulator and press Unlock. The same process is required for the Free and Pro versions. Please watch the video below for a real-wrold Unlocking of the Free version