Buying pro without Paypal account

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Buying pro without Paypal account

Postby Gnuthad » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:28 pm

Hi Team

I have used the free version of the Arduino Simulator for a couple of weeks and I would like to purchase this program. Currently, the only option available to me is to sign up for a Paypal account. I do not wish to open an account where all my private details are required just to purchase a program and I certainly do not like being told that my date of birth and banking details are apparently legally required just to buy a piece of software. The payment processor (SWPal) claims that both Google Checkout and Paypal can be used but I am only offered the option of providing all my details and opening a Paypal account.

Is there any other way to purchase this simulator or will I have go the way of pirating it? I prefer to reward authors for their troubles but it appears that the authors of this software wish to only accept payment from a limited subset of the public. The $11.99AU pricetag is a tiny price to pay for such useful software and I want to buy the simulator. Please help me do so.

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Re: Buying pro without Paypal account

Postby Adrian » Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:01 pm

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.

I can't comment on other options, but I can comment on PayPal in general.

I was very wary of opening a PayPal account, but I have to say it is immensely useful. Since opening an account years ago, I actually get annoyed when peeps don't offer PayPal. It is simple, quick and safeguarded. One beauty of paypal is that I really don't care what currency I am dealing in as it deducts sterling from my (UK) account. And I purchase from US, Canada, China, Australia etc. on a fairly regular basis. Works very well with eBay.

If you are getting into Arduino (or any micro-controller) you will find that you will be tempted over and over to buy ready made modules (not to mention Shields) to enable you to build exotic toys for less than you can buy the bits for.

As an example my boy wanted a simple voltage dropper for something he was building. So, I designed a simple strip-board variable PSU and although I probably had the bits, purchased them (x2) from a UK company for about £10 (PayPal). Later, I was mooching around ebay and found here for $x or £2.49 for TWO! inc postage, so, a couple of clicks later and 4 are winging their way to me.

Always be careful on the web, but paypal is IMHO well worth a few minutes to set up. And you can pay for your Pro version with ease! :)

Kind regards
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