Run two simulators and connected by I2C

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Run two simulators and connected by I2C

Postby hib » Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:04 am

Can two simulators be run at the same time and be connected by I2C bus?
The short answer is an unconditional NO... you are attempting to interconnect two threads on a time shared OS... Where is the moderator between scheduled processes..
For that manner how do you intend to "Connect" the separate instantiations when each is a separate thread.
With a instance of the code running on the appropriate platform, you might be able to look at one end of the communications... with the appropriate serial converter?
However it would appear that you are attempting to play ping pong... With your self...
I have a very special mantra for coding... "Plan your WORK and WORK your PLAN"
It's Never let me down yet..
Is it in any way 'logically' to expect a computer to be able to carry on three different threads simultaneously?
Particularly when the timing is not synchronous... between two code instantiations and the interface that interconnects them?
My intent is not to be unresponsive to your issues... Just to give you a "Heads Up" as to the processes involved.

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