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0 Date Line Sketch Error Ver Fix
110-Jun-201320Free Version timeOut_ino.inoError - evaluate called 40 times Line:if (buttonState == HIGH) {State=0);}0.98FSyntax
211-Jun-201310Simulator for ArduinoError unable to save file Line: pinMode(a, OUTPUT); // variabel untuk pin output a0.98F?
312-Jun-201364adiosrv.pdeCannot Evaluate i=0 Line: for (i=0;i<20;i ) {0.98FSyntax?
412-Jun-201319Free Version MyTest.inoUnknown command: 0,00488758553274682 Line: float voltage = sensorValue * (5.0 / 1023.0);0.98FTry 0.00488...
513-Jun-201339DSLR_SerialLCD_Controller.inoCannot Evaluate char* Line:void debug(String msg){ Serial.println(msg); }0.98F
613-Jun-201313,14sim_v0.98f_checks.inoul=4294967295-1 (admin)0.98FFix
713-Jun-201353SoubrotineTest.inoUnknown command: LampOut Line: LampOut;0.98F
814-Jun-201343Default_Animations_fr_3.inoUnknown command: 0 Line:{{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0}}};0.98F
915-Jun-20132strobo.inoTypo?: try analogRead(..) Line: unsigned long zgrubnie = (7196,36 5182640*(1/(1 analogRead(3))));0.98F
1016-Jun-201373GettingStarted.inoUnknown command: buf(0) Line:Serial.write(buf(0));0.98F
1117-Jun-201367Free Version GettingStarted.inoError unable to save file Line: Serial.print(i );0.98F
1217-Jun-201317Free Version MyTest.inoCannot Evaluate lcd.print(millis()/1000); Line: lcd.print(millis()/1000);0.98F
1318-Jun-201347Free Version ventiliacija-simul.inoCannot Evaluate lcd.print(curr_temp); Line: lcd.print(curr_temp);0.98F
1418-Jun-201360LCD_example_new.pdeCannot Evaluate lcd.setCursor(4,1) Line:lcd.setCursor(4,1);lcd.print(outstring); //set position and print compound string0.98F
1519-Jun-201319ReadAnalogVoltage.inoUnknown command: 0,00488758553274682 Line: float voltage = sensorValue * (5.0 / 1023.0);0.98F
1621-Jun-20131GettingStarted.inoUnknown command: OUTPUT Line:void setup(){pinMode(13. OUTPUT);}0.98F
1721-Jun-201353Free Version HelloWorld.inoCannot Evaluate lcd.setCursor(0, 1); Line: lcd.setCursor(0, 1);0.98F
1821-Jun-201326Simulator for ArduinoError unable to save file Line:lcd.begin(16,2); //start the LCD module0.98F
1921-Jun-201319Free Version Blink.inoUnknown command: ANALOGICWrite(led, HIGH) Line: ANALOGICWrite(led, HIGH); // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level)0.98F
2021-Jun-201324Simulator for ArduinoError unable to save file Line:lcd.begin(16,2); 0.98F
2122-Jun-201321enc.inoUnknown command: read_encoder() Line: tmpdata = read_encoder();0.98F
2222-Jun-201339Free Version relaiskaart3_IO_v2.inoTypo?: try pinMode(..) Line: {pinMode(pinInput, INPUT_PULLUP)}; // set pin41-53 - INPUT with PULL-UP resistor0.98F
2323-Jun-201312Button7.inoUnknown command: ‘0’ Line:void out(char d)0.98F
2424-Jun-201320Serial_Communication.inoUnknown command: 0 Line: || (inByte >= 48 0.98F
2524-Jun-201320Free Version Serial_Communication.inoUnknown command: 0 Line: if ((inByte >= 65 0.98F
2627-Jun-201315Free Version GettingStarted.inoUnknown command: DateTime data Line: DateTime data;0.98F
2825-Jan-201622seletor_de_bolas.inoUnknown declaration >> { Line:{ 0.98F
2913-Feb-20164sketch_feb11a.inoUnknown declaration >> . Line:.0.98H
3026-Feb-20163lampeggio_led.inoUnknown command: pinModel(13, OUTPUT) Line: pinModel(13, OUTPUT);0.98H
3111-Mar-20160arduino - Acceso directo.lnkUnknown declaration >> L Line:L0.98F
3216-Apr-201678Contatore_up_down_1cifra.inoUnknown command: void VisualizzaNumero(int numero) { Line:void VisualizzaNumero(int numero) {0.98H
3318-Apr-20160Avast Free Antivirus.lnkUnknown declaration >> L Line:L0.98F
3401-May-201660Focuserv228_DRV8825_F_RE.inoUnknown declaration >> _min = min; Line: _min = min;0.98G
3509-May-20164GettingStarted.inoUnknown command: begin(9600) Line:serial.begin(9600);0.98F
3616-May-201647GettingStarted.inoUnknown declaration >> } Line: }0.98F
3724-Sep-201625teste3.inoUnknown declaration >> } Line:}0.98H
3823-Oct-201637Q0052-Sketch.inoUnknown command: 0 Line:delay910);0.98H
3913-Nov-201616sketch_nov13a.inoUnknown declaration >> loop{ Line:void loop0.98H
4016-Nov-20160GettingStarted.inoUnknown declaration >> ÿþi Line:ÿþi0.98F
4118-Nov-201652GettingStarted.inoTypo?: try random(..) Line: numero=random(4){0.98F
4224-Nov-201648Simulator for ArduinoUnknown command: serialbegin(9600) Line:serialbegin(9600);0.98F
4324-Nov-201654Simulator for ArduinoTypo?: try max(..) Line:max (10)= maximum(CNT);0.98F
4405-Dec-201662GettingStarted.inoUnknown declaration >> do{ Line: do{0.98F
4521-Dec-201674teste3.inoUnknown declaration >> } Line:}0.98H
4622-Dec-201627coba2_ta.inoUnknown command: void initialize(long microseconds=1000000) Line: void initialize(long microseconds=1000000);0.98H
4722-Dec-201628coba2_ta.inoUnknown command: void start() Line: void start();0.98H
4823-Mar-20173prova lampeggio.inoTypo?: try pinMode(..) Line:pinmode(13,output);0.98H
4923-Mar-20173raffaeled'emilio.inoUnknown command: pin Mode(13,OUTPUT) Line:pin Mode(13,OUTPUT);0.98H
5030-Mar-201711ESERCIZIO_N._2.inoTypo?: try pinMode(..) Line: PinMode(12,OUTPUT)0.98H
5120-Apr-20172sketch_mar30a.inoUnknown declaration >> { Line: {0.98H
5220-Apr-201714cambia_colore.inoUnknown declaration >> delay(300); Line: delay(300);0.98H
5320-Apr-201711sketch_apr20a.inoUnknown command: writeRGB(255,255,255) Line: Esplora.writeRGB(255,255,255);0.98H
5605-Jun-20170readme.txtUnknown declaration >> For information on installing libraries, see: http: Line:For information on installing libraries, see:
5702-Oct-201786GettingStarted.inoError in finding endif >> Line:Past End0.98G
5808-Jan-20180Untitled Sketch.fzzUnknown declaration >> PK Line:PK0.98H
5924-Apr-201868gsm_temp_e_sms.inoUnknown declaration >> { Line:0.98G
6001-May-201814ads1115.inoUnknown declaration >> __extension__ typedef int __guard __attribute__((mode (__DI__))); Line:__extension__ typedef int __guard __attribute__((mode (__DI__)));0.98H
6117-May-201830Blink.inoUnknown declaration >> delay(100); Line: delay(100); 0.98H
6217-May-20184pi luci led.inoUnknown command: output hi Line: pinMode(7,OUTPUT HI);0.98H
6317-May-201816Blink.inoUnknown declaration >> delay(100); Line: delay(100); 0.98H
6408-Nov-20185led_10_elettrauto.inoUnknown declaration >> 06. Line:06.0.98H
6504-Dec-201819ESERCITAZIONE N1.inoUnknown declaration >> digitalWrite(12,LOW); Line: digitalWrite(12,LOW); // set the LED off0.98H
6604-Dec-20185Blink.inoUnknown command: input hi Line:pinMode(11,INPUT HI );0.98H
6704-Dec-2018362 LUCI LED.inoUnknown declaration >> delay(0);} Line: delay(0);}0.98H
6807-Feb-20191sette segmenti.ino.lnkUnknown declaration >> L Line:L0.98H
6907-Feb-20190sette segmenti.ino.lnkUnknown declaration >> L Line:L0.98H
7001-Jul-201917paolo2.inoUnknown command: goto ritarda() Line:goto ritarda();}0.98G
7102-Jul-20196paolo2.inoCannot Evaluate ritarda() Line:ritarda();0.98G
7203-Aug-201928teste.inoUnknown declaration >> } Line:}0.98H
7327-Jan-202016GettingStarted.inoCannot Evaluate i = 0 Line: i = 0;0.98H
7425-Nov-20202Simulator for ArduinoUnknown declaration >> Int ligaled=13 Line:Int ligaled=130.98F
75 ErrorLogs


No Description
1 Syntax - these look like sketch errors
2,11,18,20 Unable to save file - to be investigated
3 Fixed so the conditional check is done after the initialisation - checked for variou s conditions
4,9,15 Floating point numbers comma problem - to be investigated
5 Pointers not yet supported - sorry
6 Modify unsigned long code to accept 32 bit numbers. Improve signed long overflow
7 Subroutines need to have the brackets. We can look into this to try to improve
8 Two dimensional Arrays - have checked this - may be a syntax error
10 Should this be buf[0] - possible syntax error
11,13,14 lcd.print and setCursort tested ok first time - - To be investigated
16 Syntax error - note the decimal point instead of comma, Made some fixes
19 Should this be analogWrite?
21 Undefined subroutine?
22 Not a typo - added INPUT_PULLUP, fixed typo message and now check state
23 Tested ok first time - To be investigated
24,25 Shoudl really check brackets - but with multiline statements is this feasible?
26 sketch needs library include file