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Description DataSheet Download
Pro Version Simulator for Arduino ESD Terminal Manual

Free Version (Note: delay on loading a sketch)

ESD Terminal Manual


Shield Features .ino* .cs* Video Data Price Buy
Barcode Barcode Scanner Barcode v1.02 - 0:41 ESD Terminal Manual 119
LCD 16x2 LCD, 4 buttons, beeper LCD v1.02 LCD 1:11   POA Please Email
LED 4 digit LED, RTC, beeper LED V1.02 LED 1:15 ESD Terminal Manual 39
OLED color OLED display OLED v1.00 OLED 0:49   POA Please Email
WT12A Bluegiga WT12 Bluetooth WT12A v1.00 WT12 1:24 ESD Terminal Manual - Please Email
CC2500 TI CC2500 RF interface CC2500_Uno - 1:00   POA Please Email
USB-WIFI Gainspan USB adaptor - - 1:20 ESD Terminal Manual 89
Screw Terminal Screw Terminal Shield - - 3:48 - POA -

* ino Files are the sketches for Arduino v1.0 and are compatible with .pde files

* .cs Files are the code for the Netduino Plus using the Microsoft .Net framework. Please note that the .cs files are rough first drafts and should be considered test versions only. To include a resource in the .Net Framework, right click on any error and select resolve.