The Arduino development system is a powerful tool but has no debugging or emulation capabilities for many platforms. The Simulator for Arduino is the best debugging tool available and is ranked #1 on many review sites.

Simulator for Arduino is an Arduino Simulator which may be downloaded or purchased from The Free version has a 30 minute trial, a thirty day trial period  (or 300 seconds until unlocked) or 100 sketches then a 30 second incrementing delay on opening sketches and is code limited to 200 lines. The Pro Version has no limitations, and is supplied with updates until the end of the calendar year. A subscription option with >50% discount is then available to renew the Pro licence for another year.

The benefits and features of an Arduino Simulator are:

  • Use Arduino without needing the hardware
  • Teach, educate and investigate the basics of Arduino sketches by stepping through code
  • Debug a sketch, step through or run with a breakpoint and see the variables change 
  • Speed up Arduino designs and trial other Arduino boards first and see the pin-out configurations
  • Demonstrate a project to a potential customer remotely
  • Discover number overruns such as setting a byte to 256, assigning a new value to a const variable, or use library routines without including the library
  • Graphically view LCD and colour screens with the inbuilt Graphics Library
  • Trace and Error logs
  • Many Tools such as an Improved Serial Monitor, a Simple logic analyser to view digital pins graphically and Automated self testing (Unit Testing)
  • Variable insight which allows for variables values to be viewed by clicking on them in the Sketch Window (ensure Menu Option is turned on)
  • Design a new board inside the Simulator using the Hardware > Save Settings and Load Settings items.
  • Many real-world user sketches to provide inspiration found in the _Sim_Test folder
  • Many more features and continuous improvements with regular updates planned

The SIMFORARDUINO Pro Version license is licenced to one user only for use on only two computers, with a condition that any other user can use the Simulator for up to three hours for educational use only. SiteWide licences with generous discounts are available to Educational institutions for 25 or more seats. Email Virtronics for more info (

Press F1 inside the Simulator to open context sensitive help.