The Variables Area Popup menu has four options:

  • Watch - only display variables which have a w or + in the second column of the grid

  • Bin - display Variable value in binary
  • Decimal - display Variables value in decimal
  • Hex  - display Variables value in hexadecimal
  • Char - display Variables value in Character format and hexadecimal - also show char arrays as strings when the array is minimized by clicking in the w column

  • Find - open the Find window to find text inside the variables area

  • Clear All Variables - useful for header files which have a #ifdef FILE_H at the beginning. Clearing the variables, then allows the header file to be stepped through. NOTE: doing this in the middle of stepping through a sketch will cause errors since the Simulator will no longer be able to find or set variables.
  • Allow Undock/Dock - select this to undock or redock the Variables area from the main SImulator window. If unchecked, the cvolumns may be resized.
  • Minimize Column Widths - reduce Column Widths to sensible values to see all Variable Areas